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Sponge Rubber

Sponge rubber has two types closed-cell foam and opened-celled foam. Closed-cell foam material within the foam and foam film between the separating wall, not interconnected, independent cell structure.And mainly for the smaller foam-like or extremely small pores.Openings within the foam and the foam material between the foam Unicom, also connected with the outer skin, a non-independent cell structure, mainly the larger foam or thick hole.
Sponge rubber foam has insulation characteristics: As the foam inside contains a lot of air or other gases, and should not be in circulation, in particular, closed-cell foam material, with full independence of foam separated, the material can significantly slow down on the heat conduction with low thermal conductivity, combined with the material itself more flexibility, and good elasticity, can be used as automobile, shipbuilding, home appliances, electronic equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, air conditioning ducts and so the ideal insulation material
Sponge rubber foam has low water absorption feature: For closed-cell foam, the foam separated each other, combined with rubber or plastic material selected hydrophobic properties, foaming material to prevent moisture penetration, can become the ideal sealing material.
Sponge rubber foam has cushioning High flexibility: a high elasticity of rubber itself known in the rubber was processed into foam, even after a high elasticity, which is very suitable for high-elastic shock buffer area ....
Sponge rubber absorbing nature: we all know, the way sound waves are vibrations spread in the air, when the sound waves encounter the porous material, the vibration transfer to the material inside, and the complex internal friction foam, hampered, energy is attenuated , so sound waves will be weakened, showing the material of sound absorption.